Kind Attn Purchase Manager

We introduce ourselves as manufacturer of Dip Moulding Products, Coatings & Moulding in PVC, Rubber and Plastic.

There are various applications of these products, such as,

Tool Grips : They give better aesthetic look to the product, provide effective grip and Comfort to personnel working with it. Toggle Clamps, Valve Handles, Tool Handles, etc. are commonly covered with such grips.
Protective Caps  These are meant for protecting product and increase Safety of the operators.
PVC Coatings For Electrical usages, these insulating coatings are used in the form of Cable Shrouds, Cable End Seals, Battery Covers, Lug Covers, etc.
Consumer Products Water Filter, Sink Cleaner, Nalika are commonly used Domestic products.
Rubber & Plastic Items We manufacture wide range of rubber and plastic Products to suit industrial need.
Custom-Built Items We also design and manufacture moulded products for specific needs of various customers.


These are manufactured in wide range to fulfill industrial need.
To get better picture of our products we enclose herewith our product catalogue/ few photographs.

We now look forward for your enquiry for your specific needs of these products.

Thanking you and assuring best of our attention at all times,

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